Wide Steps
    Side Mirrors
    Power Cab
    Tilting Mechanism
    Fuel Tank
    External Storage Compartments
    Internal Storage Compartments
    Overhead and lateral storage compartments can be used for different purposes.
    Automated Transmission
    All long-haul vehicles are equipped with an advanced 12-speed automated transmission with different drive modes, which provide greater fuel efficiency and performance, as well as an ideal and comfortable driving experience under all conditions.
    Driver’s Seat
    The seats of the Ford Trucks Road Series offer the optimal comfort necessary for a smooth ride. The driver’s seat comes equipped with lumbar support, armrests, air suspension and heating. It ensures a comfortable driving experience by maintaining the driver’s optimal seating position.
    Display Panel and Trip Computer
    The display panel and trip computer light up once the ignition is switched on. The driver can see all necessary information while driving. Several pieces of important information, such as AdBlue level, current fuel consumption, average speed, and distance odometer are all within the driver’s field of vision. Cruise control and the ergonomic instrument panel guarantee even greater comfort during long hauls.
    Engine Brake and Intarder
    Engine brake and Intarder control lever: auxiliary brakes can either be engaged manually or be set on automatic for optimal braking performance.
    Ergonomic Instrument Panel
    The ergonomic instrument panel incorporating the radio, A/C, automatic transmission modes, ESP, Smart Braking Management System and cabin heating controls is within easy reach and provides extra safety while driving.
    Under-Bed Storage
    Wide compartment under the bed for extra storage.
    Cabin Heating
    Dry and wet heaters keep your cab at just the right temperature. You can easily control the temperature from the electronic control unit and heat the vehicle even when the engine is not running.
    Sun Visor and Shields
    The sun visor and shields optimize the driver’s comfort and vision when driving during the day.
    Folding Bunk Bed
    Comfortable beds make for comfortable trips. You can turn on the reading light to read your newspaper, rest on the comfortable mattress, and control the heat without getting up.
    Wide Steps
    Take your first steps onto the Ford Trucks Road Series on a wide and solid surface.
    Wide-Angle Side Mirrors
    Wide-angle side mirrors make it even easier to park and provide safety while driving.
    Power Cab Tilting Mechanism
    The power cab tilting mechanism is an optional feature which allows easy access to the engine.
    Fuel Tank
    Drive for long distances without having to stop to refuel, thanks to the standard 550-liter aluminum fuel tank.
    External Storage Compartments
    External storage compartments present extra storage room, allowing you to safely store belongings you would rather not keep within the cab.
    See the Road 3242 Series up close before you make up your mind.
    Take a look and enjoy a 360-degree virtual tour of the vehicle’s exterior.