Side Mirrors
    Wide Steps
    Superior Maneuver
    Front Suspension
    Rear Suspension
    Engine Protection Cover
    Power Cab
    Tilting Mechanism
    Fuel Tank
    Automated Transmission
    The advanced 12-speed automated transmission with different drive modes is presented as an optional feature. Each mode is designed to ensure an ideal driving experience, under all conditions.
    Rocking Mode
    The rocking mode enables the vehicle to easily roll back when stuck in difficult road conditions.
    Driver’s Seat
    The seats of the Ford Trucks Construction Series offer optimal comfort necessary for a smooth ride. The driver’s seat comes equipped with lumbar support, armrests, air suspension and heating. It ensures a comfortable driving experience by maintaining the driver’s optimal seating position.
    Display Panel and Trip Computer
    The display panel and trip computer light up once the ignition is switched on. The driver can see all necessary information while driving. Several pieces of important information, such as AdBlue level, current fuel consumption, average speed, and distance odometer are all within the driver’s field of vision. Cruise control (offered as a standard feature) and the ergonomic instrument panel guarantee even greater comfort while driving.
    Engine Brake and Intarder
    Engine brake and Intarder control lever: auxiliary brakes can either be engaged manually or be set on automatic for optimal braking performance.
    Ergonomic Instrument Panel
    The ergonomic instrument panel incorporating the radio, A/C, rocking mode (with automated transmission), Smart Braking Management System and cabin heating controls is within easy reach and provides extra safety while driving.
    PTO Unit
    Whatever the bodywork, you are in command. The ergonomic PTO control unit helps you to easily control your bodywork.
    Wide-angle Side Mirrors
    Wide-angle side mirrors make it even easier to maneuver, and provide safety while driving.
    Wide Steps
    Take your first steps onto the Ford Trucks Construction Series on a wide and solid surface.
    Superior Maneuver Capability
    Tight turning diameter provide exceptional performance while turning and simplify maneuvers on difficult terrain or in narrow spaces.
    Front Suspension
    The shock-absorbent front suspension can withstand heavy loads and ensures safe and comfortable driving on difficult construction sites.
    Rear Suspension
    The rear suspension system, suitable for heavy duty and able to shock absorbing, ensures safe performance even on the most difficult construction sites.
    Engin Protection Cover
    It is crucial to protect the engine. The engine cover protects the engine against any and all substances that could come from outside (earth, crushed stone, etc.) and prevents damage.
    Power Cab Tilting Mechanism
    The power cab tilting mechanism, which allows easy access to the engine, is an optional feature in constructions vehicles
    Fuel Tank
    The 315-liter steel fuel tank, with its strong and resistant straps, can withstand the most difficult conditions. It provides for extensive use without having to stop so often to refuel.
    Forget the dust and dirt of the work site and see the Construction 4142 Series for yourself.
    Take a look and enjoy a 360-degree virtual tour of the vehicle’s exterior.