Discover ConnecTruck
Ford Trucks' first connected vehicle project
Connect to your vehicles via your mobile device at any time.

A next-generation application: My Ford Trucks

With the My Ford Trucks mobile application, you can instantly access live vehicle data, historical vehicle usage reports and more! With the user-friendly My Ford Trucks application, you can track your vehicle on the map and see live vehicle data.

You’ll never be far from your vehicle, no matter where it is!

The system automatically detects any unexpected fault and relays all fault information to the service centre immediately.

You’ll receive a notification once this process is complete, and your vehicle will be directed to the nearest service centre while it’s still on the road. This means you can keep your business moving forward, whatever happens.

Update, whenever

We’re constantly improving our technology to provide you with a better service.

Some modules in the vehicle can be updated whenever you want, wherever you are.

Remote control has never been so easy.
With a suite of user-focused features, you’ll be close to your vehicle, wherever it is.
Experience remote control
Left Window
Right Window
Inner Lights
Head Lights
New feature
Instantly view live vehicle data.
The My Ford Trucks tracking system is now available at Track the speed and location of vehicles in your fleet at
Instantly view live vehicle data.
At, it’s easier than ever to analyse hourly and daily vehicle data.
Don’t ignore speeding violations! See any speeding violations made by your vehicle on its route. Take control.
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