Ford Trucks is ready for Dakar 2019!

Ford Trucks will join the world's longest rally with two special prototype vehicles which are supported by Ford Otosan R&D and VDR Trucks Racing. Yves Rutten and Peter Van Delm who were the champions of 2009 will get behind the wheel.

In this long and tough rally, VDR Trucks Racing Team is provided two pilots, four co-pilots, a technical team of eight person and all equipments they would need besides race trucks by Ford Trucks.


The longest rally in the world

The Dakar Rally is the most lasting and exciting rally which cars, motorcycles and trucks have been racing since 1979.

From France to Senegal

The first Dakar Rally was started on 26th December 1978 in Paris and after 10.000 kilometres the rally was ended on 14th January 1979 in Dakar.

Princess, football player and more

Princess of Monaco Caroline with Prince of Monaco Albert in 1985, rally champion Ari Vatanen in 1987, French football player and coach Michel Hidalgo in 1991, French singer Johnny Hallyday in 2002, Belgian goalkeeper Jean-Marie Pfaff in 2003 went on an adventure of the Dakar Rally.

Adventure, excitement and passion

Ford Trucks with 10L Ecotorq engine, reinforced 10mm chassis, kevlar carbon side panels and independent axles and Belgian VDR Trucks Racing join forces to race for 11 days in Peru on 6th January. They will kick up a dust.

In South America

The Dakar Rally, which moved to South America in 2009 continues to bring adventurers together. The excitement of the Dakar Rally which has been a great excitement for the adventurers for 40 years is endured this year. Ford Trucks is ready to race in the Dakar Rally for the first time.

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