As the Ford Trucks Family
We're always ready to be on the road
Our R&D organisation is the largest in the Turkish automotive sector, and employs more than 1,350 R&D engineers. We export our engineering expertise all over the world.
Always further with F-MAX!
Always further with F-MAX!
The new generation Ecotorq engine of Ford Trucks F-MAX provides fuel savings of up to 5.5%.
EHPAS System
Featuring 3 driving modes for maximum comfort, both in the city and out on the long haul.
Eco+ Mode
Eco+ Mode
Save fuel with Eco Plus Mode, now available on all F-MAX models.
9 speed automatic transmission
9 Speed Automatic Transmission
The 9-speed automatic transmission increases efficiency and performance while reducing fuel consumption.
9 Speed Automatic Transmission
ESP System
The ESP System on your Ford Trucks vehicle comes to your aid when road conditions might cause your vehicle to skid.
Emergency Braking System
The Ford Trucks Emergency Braking System steps in when you need to brake suddenly.
Lane-Departure Warning System
Ford Trucks knows that carrying heavy loads comes with a burden of responsibility, so it's always good to have a second pair of eyes.
Your Retarder can be controlled with the foot brake and makes sure your Ford Trucks vehicle can slow down without friction or wear.
Engine Brake
The engine brake on your Ford Trucks vehicle helps prevent your brakes from overheating when going downhill and gives you a safer, more stable ride.
Automated Transmission Modes
Ford Trucks Automated Transmission Modes have been configured for various situations. They can provide increased fuel economy, improved performance when going uphill and help you manoeuvre away from difficult situations.
Axle Load Indicator
The Axle Load Indicator on your Ford Trucks vehicle reduces the risk of excess or incorrect loading.
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