Continues Its Expansion In Western Europe

Ford Trucks continues its expansion in Western Europe with Italy

With almost 60 years of experience in truck manufacturing and product development for international markets, Ford Trucks is now rapidly expanding across Western Europe. The company is taking bold steps to meet its goal of reaching the entire continent.

Following back-to-back launches of dealerships in Portugal, Spain, Poland, and Lithuania Ford Trucks recently announced that it has selected F-Trucks Italia as the official distributor for Ford Trucks heavy commercial vehicles in Italy. The company has gained critical acclaim and high global demand with its 2019 International Truck of the Year (IToY) award-winning F-MAX.

‘We are expanding with determined steps in Europe and achieving our goals.’

—Serhan Turfan, Vice President of Ford Trucks

Ford Trucks Vice President Serhan Turfan emphasised that the Ford Trucks has entered a period of rapid growth in Europe: ‘After winning the IToY 2019 award, F-MAX went on to be named Truck of the Year in Russia, Austria and Slovenia, creating high demand across Europe. This caused us to review and ramp up our expansion plans. After that, we opened our new dealerships in Portugal and Spain, all within a short period of time. We are now in Italy, which is a key market for our growth plans in Western Europe, and we are very pleased to partner with F-Trucks Italia to launch our range of heavy commercial vehicles for the first time in Italy. I believe F-Trucks Italia will represent our brand in the best possible way in Italy.’

Turfan noted that Europe is the main export market of Ford Trucks and its potential is a key factor in Ford Trucks’ growth strategy: ‘We are expanding with determined steps in Europe and achieving our goals. As we build on our infrastructure by collaborating with distributors, we also continue at full speed with new plans for various markets and regions.’

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