European Truck Racing

Europian Truck Racing

The Ford Trucks F-MAX, winner of the 2019 International Truck of the Year award, has been named as the Official Truck of Europe’s most exciting truck racing event, the European Truck Racing Championship (ETRC). The F-MAX started the ETRC’s first race in Misano, Italy on May 25th, and will take part in every race in the FIA ETRC 2019 season.

Ford Trucks’ award-winning tractor vehicle, the F-MAX, will now be on racetracks around Europe. Winner of the 2019 International Truck of the Year (IToY) award, the F-MAX has seen huge demand, and as the first stage of its Western European launch, it will be taking to the tracks in the European Truck Racing Championship (ETRC). 

This year, Ford Trucks is supporting the world’s most respected heavy vehicle racing event, the ETRC. As part of this new partnership between Ford Trucks and the European Truck Racing Association (ETRA), the F-MAX, recognised for its advanced levels of engineering and innovation, has been selected as the ‘Official Truck’ for FIA ETRC races. It will also play an important role in the paddock. 

Having won acclaim for its advanced technology, comfort, power, efficiency and total cost of ownership, two F-MAX trucks will attend every FIA ETRC race across Europe in 2019. One will be demonstrated before each of the 32 races in front of over 400,000 spectators, while the second will be displayed in the Fan Village for visitors to explore.  

The FIA ETRC Fan Village will be the central meeting point of the FIA ETRC events, and here the F-MAX will be exhibited between races in the ‘educational entertainment’ section of the paddock, among other products provided by FIA ETRC, local organizers and FIA ETRC partners.

"We will reach European truck drivers and truck racing enthusiasts,"

Serhan Turfan, Ford Trucks Vice President, stated that as an international truck manufacturer, Ford Trucks has contributed to motorsports through the ‘Powered by Ford Trucks’ platform: “With ’Powered by Ford Trucks’, Ford Trucks currently supports Ford teams participating in leading international motorsport events such as Ford Chip Ganassi Racing at the FIA WEC, and M-Sport at the WRC. Following the international success and popularity of our new F-MAX tractor vehicle, we are now excited to cooperate with FIA ETRC and to be part of the 2019 FIA ETRC as we accelerate our plans to enter Western European markets. It is our great honour to lead every race with the Ford Trucks F-MAX, winner of the 2019 International Truck of the Year (IToY) award. The FIA ETRC gives us the perfect opportunity to introduce the Ford Trucks F-MAX to European truck racing enthusiasts. This partnership will be an important step towards reaching truck drivers and truck racing enthusiasts in Western Europe.”

ETRA Director Georg Fuchs had this to say: “We extend a very warm hand from FIA ETRC to welcome Ford Trucks into the paddock, noted as being both a friendly and business oriented environment. The basis of the partnership is built on a mutual understanding that we want to showcase an interesting mix of sporting, industry and technically exciting product messaging to established and new followings alike. Therefore, we are very excited to have Ford Trucks as a new partner, new brand and new part of the championship. We invite Ford Trucks enthusiasts around the world to get to know the FIA ETRC better in 2019, which is expected to be the biggest and best year, in terms of both sports and industry.”

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