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Following the success of the new F-MAX winning the “International Truck of the Year” award, Ford Trucks is accelerating its growth and will serve its customers in Western Europe in partnership with TIP Trailer Services.

Following on from the Middle East, Africa, Russia and the Turkic Republics, Ford Trucks has opened new dealers in European markets and is accelerating its efforts to reach operation in 51 countries by the end of 2020. Following the international success of the F-MAX, which premièred at the IAA Hanover International Commercial Vehicle Fair and won the “2019 International Truck of the Year Award”, Ford Trucks has signed an agreement that will rapidly increase its service points across Western Europe. 

Under the agreement signed between Ford Trucks and TIP Trailer Services, the leading after-sales service provider in Western Europe, TIP will provide Ford Trucks vehicles with warranty and proactive services. 

Ford Trucks Executive Vice President, Serhan Turfan, had this to say about this new partnership: “Ford Trucks is growing rapidly in the global arena, and combines 60 years of truck manufacturing experience with the ability to develop custom products for different export markets. We developed and manufactured the F-MAX from scratch, and it has received acclaim and appreciation around the world. This has been an important driving force in accelerating us toward our growth target internationally. In parallel with our growth target in Western European markets, our new partnership with TIP Trailer Services will make a significant contribution to our goal, which is to always be by our customers' side. We believe that this partnership will be highly beneficial to both parties.” 

Paul Beadle, Executive Vice President of Operations at TIP Trailer Services said, “We are delighted to be able to sign this partnership, and we look forward to supporting Ford Trucks on its path toward strategic growth in Western Europe. We believe this is a tremendous partnership and that both parties will benefit greatly from it.”


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