Make Your Mark.
On The Toughest Roads. Under the Heaviest Loads.
The Ford Trucks Tractor Series offers maximum performance, maximum savings, and a powerful and comfortable companion for long-haul experts.
Unveiling the source of power: The New Ecotorq Engine

The Ecotorq Engine at the heart of the Ford Trucks Tractor Series will impress you too with its natural balance of performance and economy. Compared to the previous generation, the next generation Ecotorq engine and the smart aerodynamic design will help reduce your fuel consumption by 8.5%.

Your Comfort is What Counts On Long Journeys

The Ford Trucks Tractor Series is as ambitious about comfort as it is about power and performance. With a range of ergonomic cabin types to match your needs, prepare to enter into a cozy living space inside your vehicle.

Technologies That Revolutionize The Long Journey

The Lane Departure Warning System activates if you lose concentration; the Advanced Emergency Brake System automatically engages when the following distance becomes too short; and the Electronic Stability Program prevents both the tractor unit and the trailer from skidding.

If you are looking for a tractor that
will not only share your load,
but also share your passion
for the road,
Ford Trucks is the answer.

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With the Ford Trucks Tractor Series
No Load Is Ever Too Heavy

Watch the creation
of the new and awarded
Trucks of the Year''
Ford Trucks F-MAX.

We imagined an eco-friendly engine that combined high performance with fuel economy and we made it happen!
Murat Varol - Product Development Engineer
Ford Trucks Experience with
360-degree Camera
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